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We invite you to check our quality. Order a free sample of the professionally written and voiced recordings we will supply for your On Hold Messages. Know you're getting the best in On Hold Messages. Click here for your free sample.

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Callers often hang up when you put them on hold with chimes or computer muzak playing. Far better to entertain them and promote your business with a Messages On Hold program specially written for your business and voiced by a professional. Click here to arrange a FREE online quote.

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Do each caller a favour. Greet them a Welcome Message or Auto Attendant specially written for your business and spoken by a professional. It compliments your Messages On Hold. Order today.

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How much extra business could you win after hours? You'll never know if the call rings out! You need a well written After Hours Message featuring a professional male or female voice artist. Click here to arrange a FREE online quote.

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Menu Prompts or Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs) eg; "Press 1 for Sales" allow callers to easily connect with the person or department they require. We supply IVR recordings on separate files for loading or updating on your phones.

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The MOH1200 on hold player is our most popular external equipment for Messages on Hold. It uses a standard USB stick so you can update messages anytime and has 3 years warranty.

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Additional Services

  • Copywriting

    If writing the script yourself seems a bridge too far, then we'll do it for you! Our team of copywriters are expert in crafting audio scripts for radio, TV, Cinema, Internet & Telephone messages. Get a quote today.

  • Translation

    We can provide an English version from a script written in almost any language and have our professional voice artists record it. Or we can translate and record in English any foreign language script. Ask and it will be done!.

  • Studio Hire

    Our Gold Coast voice over studios provide digital quality recording facilities access to vast music and sound effects libraries and the chance to work with talented engineer/producers. The coffee is good too! Ask for a free quote.

  • Audio Hardware

    Your phone system may need an external unit to play Messages On Hold. We have the MOH1200 player. It's a reliable performer. We also supply the SC2000 Player for In Store Music and Messaging programs. Ask for details.

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